About The Author


Christina Wilson is living proof that adversity can activate our greatest potential. Born and raised on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Christina attended LaGuardia High School for The Performing Arts as a drama major. She continued her education at the University of Miami, changing her major from Drama to Business Law and Sociology to gain a firm foundation for potential business ventures. 

Returning to New York City after college, she worked for Calvin Klein in product development, learning from the pros as she assisted in creating each new season’s collection. Still doing some acting on the side, she earned her Screen Actors Guild membership. Christina then decided to move on to a more entrepreneurial project by helping start-up companies create effective branding. 

This brought her back to Miami, Florida and steered her to a successful Real Estate career until it was interrupted temporarily by Stage 2 Breast Cancer at 32 years of age. 

Christina’s drive for a creative, artistic life led her to design and develop a women’s handbag company targeting edgy, fearless women. She currently resides in New York City where her creative and entrepreneurial fires still burn. She is the cofounder of a men’s pocket square company www.wellsuitednyc.com and she still sells real estate in Manhattan and in South Florida. 

After having the experience of not only surviving Breast Cancer at such a young age but also thriving in its aftermath, Christina wanted to write this book to educate, help and mentor other women. Especially women who may be facing the health challenges and life changing decisions that she experienced.